Healthy Egg McMuffin

Healthy Egg McMuffin

235 Calories & 7 Carbs

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2015-05-02 09.44.56

Bread (x4)
150g Cauliflower
30g Light Cheddar
1 Egg White

1 Asda Irish Sausage (Frozen)
1 Egg

Grate Cauliflower and pop in the microwave for 4.5 minutes

Mix in Cheddar then add One Egg White and combine

Cook on greaseproof paper with a little spray Oil for 18 minutes at 200 degrees

NB: The Mixture looks a bit watery but it’s just the egg and will be fine when cooked

2015-05-02 09.29.24

x4 of these = 150 Calories & 3 Carbs

I’m saving 2 for later for a sandwich

Cooked Sausage On George Forman for 4-5 Minutes

Fried Egg Using a Little Spray Oil

2015-05-02 09.42.42

2015-05-02 09.43.35

Although a Cheese Slice would be nice I opted for none