Healthy Pizza “Cauliflower”

8″ Healthy Pizza “Cauliflower”

315 Calories & 8 Carbs

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2015-04-29 18.03.20

150g Cauliflower
20g Light Cheddar
2 Egg Whites

30g Light Cheddar
25g Light Pesto
25g Pepper
25g Mushroom
25g Tomato
2 Slices of Ham (diced)

Grate Cauliflower and pop in the microwave for 4 minutes

Take out and use Paper Towel to press out any excess Water (was very little)

Mix in Cheddar then add TWO Egg Whites and combine

Cook on greaseproof paper with a little spray Oil for 20 minutes at 200 degrees

NB: The Mixture looks a bit watery but it’s just the egg and will be fine when cooked

2015-04-29 15.11.57

a-2015-04-29 15.14.02

Used Pesto as sauce then added toppings and cooked at 200 for ANOTHER 20 minutes


This was just under a 8″ Pizza in size with a thin base and was quite stable.

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