Shallow Fried Rice Cakes

Shallow Fried Rice Cakes

400 Calories & 40 Carbs

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25g Rice
25g Philadelphia Lightest
25g Low Fat Cheddar

1 Small Egg
Plain Flour
Paxo Golden Breadcrumbs

Veg Oil

Mixed Salad

30g Cranberry Sauce

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NB: Oven Bake for an even healthier option.

Boiled 25g Rice for roughly 12 minutes then left to cool

(recommend doing a double portion so you have a spare for Egg Fried Rice tomorrow)

Mixed Philadelphia, Cheddar & Cooked Rice together and placed in Fridge for an hour

Mixed One Small Egg with a fork then got Three Bowls

1 For Egg
1 For Plain Flour
1 For Breadcrumbs
(Used Golden “Paxo” from Asda)

After The Rice Mix was in Fridge for an hour I dipped it
in the Flour then Egg then Breadcrumbs and BACK in Egg
and then Breadcrumbs again (it will be messy)

Using Veg Oil roughly 1/2 the Cakes deep I simply
Fried for about 2-3 minutes then turned and
cooked for another 1-2 minutes and then
placed on Kitchen Towel to drain any Excess Oil off