Chilli Flaked Salmon

Chilli Flaked Salmon

300 Calories & 8 Carbs

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Asda Salmon Fillet
100g Mixed Bell Peppers
80g Onion (mixed)
50g Mushrooms
2 Small Garlic Cloves

Stem Veg for 10 minutes while preparing the Salmon & pre-heat the Oven to 200

Place Salmon skin down on tin foil covered tray
(I don’t use anything as I want the skin to stick to tray)

A little Spray Oil, Black Pepper & Chilli Flakes and cook covered for 15 mins

Cook Veg with diced Garlic for 15 minutes

Uncover Salmon & Stir Veg

Cook Both for another 10 mins with Oven reduced to 175