Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon & Red Onion Mushrooms

260 Calories & 10 Carbs

(Recipes are added regularly so please check back when you can)


Also perfect as a side dish.

One of the cheapest dishes to make and AMAZING

2 Large Flat Mushrooms
2 Bacon Medallions
80g Red Onion
2 Babybel Light
Spray Oil
Cracked Black Pepper

25g Asda BabyLeaf Salad
10 Apetina Cubes
100g Pepper

Pre-Heat oven 150

Cook Mushrooms for 10 mins at 150

Fry off Diced Bacon & Onion with some Cracked Black Pepper

Add Onion & Bacon mix on top of 1/2 cooked Mushrooms then add Diced Up Babybel Light on top then cook for 15 minutes at 175 while you make up the Salad…